Regenerative Farming

Whole Systems Approach


Our microgreens are grown in certified organic, locally sourced potting soil. We believe that growing in soil produces the highest quality, most nutritionally dense product possible. We never use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizer on any of our crops.

Waste as Opportunity

After we harvest our microgreens, we are left with rich organic matter in the form of stems, roots, and soil. This "waste" product from our microgreens farm becomes the raw materials for fertilizer on our outdoor farm. We compost this waste and use it to enrich the soil that we grow our edible flowers, herbs, and produce in outside.

Pollinator Haven

We built our outdoor farm on top of what was previously a parking lot. This space is now bustling with about fifty varieties of herbs and flowers which provide a diverse range of nectar for our pollinators.

local sourcing

Small Farm, Big Impact

We strive to not only to provide the best possible service to our customers, but also our team. Our employees earn an equitable wage as well as health insurance and paid time off. 90% of our small but mighty team reside within 5 miles of our Farm. We are located in the historic Back of the Yards neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago, which is a strong, resilient neighborhood that faces disinvestment. Hiring within our community is a paramount value for us as a farm, as is the well being of our team.

Year-Round Farming

We live in a climate where you can only grow fresh produce outside for about half of the year. We take a multifaceted approach to producing food in every season.

First off, we grow all of our microgreens indoors under LED lights, allowing us to provide fresh nutrient rich greens all year.

Another crucial practice of a sustainable food system in a cold climate is preservation. We preserve a wide range of herbs every Summer by dehydrating them for herbal tea. We also work with local food processors to make pickles and ferments with our surplus products in the summer. Our robust preservation program allows our community to access the sunshine of summer in the depths of winter!

Lastly, we utilize a 2,200 sq. ft. outdoor hoop house to extend our outdoor growing season earlier in the Spring and later into the Fall.