Reusable Packaging Program

To keep your greens fresh, and to avoid using disposable plastics, we package all of our greens in durable multi-use containers. We offer our greens in two different packaging sizes. All of our "Base" greens come in reusable plastic snapwares with snap-top lids. Our "Flourish" greens come in pint sized reusable deli containers.

There is a $3 deposit that gets added to each Base green snapware. Flourish green pint containers do not have a deposit. To return any container, simply leave it out on your next delivery day. Our driver will return the containers to our farm to be washed, sanitized, and reused.

  • Order Fresh Greens

    When you place an order of any of our Micro-Bases, you will notice a $3 deposit added to the purchase.

  • Send Back the Snapware

    To recover your deposit, simply leave out your clean micro-base snapware on your next delivery day. You can also elect to keep the snapware for your personal use!

  • Save Big with Micro-Bucks

    After our driver picks up the snapware, you'll get 90 Micro-Bucks, worth $3 in our loyalty store. The loyalty store is stocked with all of our microgreens*

*Please allow 3-5 business days for your micro-bucks to appear on your account.