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The Big Green

The Big Green

14oz container

Long time customers will remember this original shop item. Our Big Green is made for microgreens lovers looking for the most bang for your buck. Unleash your inner chef with a box made to chop it up in the kitchen, all week long. Build taller salads, bigger sandwiches, and garnish meals with abandon! 

Rotating varieties may include exclusives and special microgreens, normally available only to restaurants. The Big Green is perfect for anyone looking to explore the amazing world of micros!

The Big Green box contains:

  • Nutty sunflower shoots (6 oz)
  • Spicy purple radish microgreens (4 oz) 
  • Sweet pea shoots (3 oz) 
  • 2 varieties to rotate weekly (0.5 oz each)

How to use: Add larger quantities sunflower, purple radish, and sweet pea to build out your entree, and garnish with a sprinkle of more delicate rotating varieties

Our sustainable packaging:

The Big Green is packaged in an extra large, durable and reusable food storage container. Subscribers can return their clean package to receive a $3 credit to use in our loyalty program. One-time purchasers are encouraged to become subscribers! 

Click here to read about this eco-initiative on our mission page. Join us in making a difference in plastic waste reduction!

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